Louise Teaching on Healing, Part 1, Thursday August 4, 2022

Louise teaching on healing, Part I, Thursday August 4, 2022.

“The nuts and bolts of healing”

There are three or four main topics to this teaching.

The first one is to be “teachable.”  If something is not working, study what God wants to say to you about your issue.

The second topic is to have “a steadfast look.” Don’t let up but  stay with God’s promise and his Word. This lesson uses the metaphor of our Standard Poodle,  Dudley who can be VERY steadfast in his demands  made on us.

You cannot doubt God’s word, his ability to do it, his desire to do it; but some days you’re going to feel defeated. But put those feelings aside.

The metaphor of U. S. Marines Bootcamp is referred to. It takes discipline and lots of learning to make it through Bootcamp. So, like in Bootcamp, do not give up for in the end you will have learned what you need to learn to have your faith work in your healing. Learning to obey God for is like the learning and training and the discipline that’s required for human Bootcamp.

Louise thing confesses what she has been going through in her own healing experience. Keep a steadfast look on God’s word

The third principle is  to “guard your heart” following the first two –be teachable and have a steadfast look. You have to guard your thought life. She then describes how Satan uses pain to wear down your resistance.

Jesus took a terrible beating and was  tortured in the making of the atonement and told all of us for all eternity that I have suffered for you and taken all your pain and illnesses on me.

Some books that you may wish to look are:

  1. Kenneth Hagan, Christ the Healer
  2. Virtually all of E. W. Kenyon’s books many of them specifically on healing

And the lesson ended expressing the principal that this is a process that takes time to learn.

Teaching on Healing, Part 2, Thursday August 4, 2022

Louise teaching on healing, part 2, Thursday Aug. 4 2022.
What kind of ground are you? The story of Louise’s husband and his small plots of vegetables is told. You need good ground for your tomatoes to prospet.
So, what kind of soil are you. The Word of God is like the seed. It is planted in your soil, or yourself, and you need to prepare for the seed–the Word–to grow and prosper.
We need to prepare our hear like Larry prepares his soil with rotor tiller, putting in fresh soil, and preparing the soil for the seed.
What can stop God’s word from prospering? How about “unforgiveness.”
Jesus says to watch him. I do everything that my father God asks me to do.
“Bad teaching” is another stumbling block to your healing.
Healing can be blocked by doubt and unbelief.
If your pastor does not preach healing, then you might want to move on if healing is what you need and want.
God does not put illness on you to teach you lessons.
Read some of the following Scriptures for the Atonement:
Isaiah 63
Peter 2
Luke 4
Let’s go to Matthew 9:35:35 “Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.
 Faith has action. Your sins are forgiven, arise, take up your bed, and go.
Healing and the forgiveness of sins go togther.
“Don’t doubt your faith, doubt your doubts,” E. W. Kenyon.
Year of Jubilee explained.
Atonement then explained. You have to cooperate with God by receiving grace through faith. Receive his blessing.
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