Louise Teachings a Three Part Series on Love, Monday June 6 2022, Part 1

Louise teaching a three part series on Love, Monday June 6 2022. See Galatians 5 to start with. God wants us to act as he would act, not the way we might respond to insults, hurt, etc. We tend to make excuses and blame everything else.
We need to trust in the Holy Spirit, especially in your love walk. God wants to bring you up to his standard, rather than working, acting to your own standard, built largely upon the flesh.
You need to renew your mind daily to the word of God

Love Teaching a Three Part Series on Love, Monday June 6, 2022, Part 2

Louise teaching a three part series on love, Monday June 6, 2022 part 2. Let’s start with the Book of Matthew, 4:1. Why did Jesus have to be baptized and have the Holy Spirit come upon him? All of us–like Jesus–need to baptized and receive the Holy Spirit.
Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil. God will sometimes test us to see what is in our hearts.
We think we know it, and then are put to the test and in our own wilderness we learn to grow close, and totally dependent, upon God.
Have you ever felt God has abandoned you? He hasn’t. You need to keep reading and studying.
Jesus’s answer to temptation was the word of God.

Louise Teaching a Series on Love, Monday June 6, 2022, Part 3

Louise Teaching on Love, Monday June 6, 2022, Part 3. Read Matthew 5, the Beatitudes. Louise examines the meanings and teachings of the Beatitudes, beginning with “Blessed are….”
The areas addressed in the Beatitudes are 1. repentance, 2. the meek, “one who is teachable” and has a humble spirit. One who is willing to be taught. 3.Those who have a discerning spirit and only trust in the word of God. 4. We’ve become very complacent, comfortable in our ways. We need to change to hunger and thirst after righteousness. 5. We need to learn to be more like Christ. I want wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. 6. Blessed are the merciful. We need to find God’s mercy, invoked when God calls us to be merciful. 7. Blessed are the pure in heart. Read 1 John 1:9 to receive forgiveness and grow closer to God. 8. Blessed are the peacemakers. Do NOT hang out with disbelievers, liars, cheats, morally poor. You become more like them, than the reverse.
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