July 18, 2022, Louise Teaching on Faith and Love

Our faith is built on love. Pleasing my Father–God–is what is most important in our lives. Love is an important ingredient.

When circumstances are up against you, for example, you must respond with love. When you feel “offended” you need to move on, get past what traps Satan has laid out there for you.

Love is the response to feeling offended. The Holy Spirit will ask you to walk in the kind of agape love of the Father.

Learning to walk in the agape kind of love is sometimes difficult. I see a lot of the hurts and sins of the girls I teach in the Jail and they face so much rejection. Their first reaction is not love. So we are always in a learning experience with my ladies in the jail.

There exist six hindrances to faith:

One is a lack of understanding of what you have been given through grace. You are reborn, a new person, not the old person.

Two, we need to transform our thinking, renew our minds to the Word of God.

Three, confession. How strong is it? We will continue on this theme in next teaching.

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