Thursday June 30 2022. How to Apply our Faith, Part 2

What is faith? This lesson on the spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is the
Generator. The light switch is “faith.” It turns on the power of the
Holy Spirit. Louise uses the metaphor of learning to drive a car.

See Hebrews 11:1 for the definition of faith.

Romans road to salvation beings with Romans 9:10. The process of believing
and confession. Power is Holy Spirit who energizes you. Next Scripture is Mark

Have faith in God. Faith and speaking go together.

What is your mountain? Your trouble or need? Your mountain is your problem.
Speak to the mountain and believe what you say and believe.

Find in Scripture what addresses your problem–the mountain metaphorically.
Then claim it–or the answer–with your spirit and your words.

Jesus’s parables and words never change. What you say has to back up what
you believe.

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