Louise Teaching on Taking Offense, Part 2, Saturday June 25 2022

Study number 2 of Louise teaching on offenses. Started with unforgiveness and explained how faith will not work when one remains offended, and does not forgive.

In the list of areas of taking offenses (see Part 1), here is:

4. Unrealistic and unfulfilled expectations. You set yourself up for too high a goal, for example, and not one that God has set up for your. Louise employs analogies from rearing children and sports, and parents often living out their unfulfilled expectations by pushing their children.

5. Rebellion. Bible says a spirit of rebellion is like a spirit of witchcraft.

6. Critical spirit. Louise shared a story of her mother’s family, growing up with four sisters with a spirit of criticism among them which flowed into the children as well. Can you keep your moth shut when unforgiveness, hatred and a critical spirit all attack you, many inherited from her mother’s world.

7. Feelings that God has been unfair with you. The “blame game” started in the Garden of Eden. You have a free will. Neither God nor Satan can make you do anything. You are responsible for all your choices. God did not set you up to fail. God is for you, not against you. And he loves you so much.

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